What kind of direction and target addressed here is to give some efforts to simplify and to ease learning-teaching system revealed in the class due to meeting sessions and teaching time shortage in the class. The other important directions are also to enable the class to afford on implementation of the concept of Learning Management Systems (some state that as: Virtual Learning, Distant Learning, e-Learning). Anyone who is competent to the courses can regularly check in this site and promptly have it as a complementary tool and actively perform what you need such as downnloading, uploading your homeworks, presentation slides or term projects, sharing any subjects including ideas; suggestions; opinions, statements or critics and others which we can discuss together later, asking any questions related to the courseworks, and so forth based on schedule we all previously determine before. Please, look up the pages slowly in order to find out any kind of appropriate information you require.

As the continous step to generalize a little contribution, I am then concocting it by using a simple and free CSS-based (Cascading Style Sheets) template chosen and taken from Free CSS templates (the template only) and fully redesigned by myself which surely includes the use of HTML (HyperText Markup Language), PHP (Personal Home Page to Hypertext Preprocessor), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and Java scripts aimed to publish all things in accordance with my profession as a lecturer at Information Systems domain of Faculty of Science and Technology, Islamic State University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta in order to evolve educational activities. Moreover, it can be a simple media for sharing, learning, meshing, exploring, inquirying, and so forth for anybody including the students particularly who are taking the course.

Hence this site is only a kind of a subordinate intermediary and an official part of virtual academic assistance linking to main page of university's website as a small effort to utilize one of Information and Communication tools which is widely used at present times. I really realize that the website means nothing in term of teaching and learning media which derives Information Technology content scopes compared with another websites especially for any kind of such web-based tools.

Nowadays, the acceleration on implementation of the Learning Management Systems (LMS) applications is widely and continously developed, used and performed at thousands of educational institutions. Following the web-based distant learning system, this site also tries to take part and contribute such a small portion into current condition through the existing systems by utilizing internet-based technology as a enormous public medium in connecting, bridging, meshing among the users to respectively interact one another.

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